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 China's Yunnan Red Airlines (YR) to apply for Infinity Alliance

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China's Yunnan Red Airlines (YR) to apply for Infinity Alliance  Empty
PostSubject: China's Yunnan Red Airlines (YR) to apply for Infinity Alliance    China's Yunnan Red Airlines (YR) to apply for Infinity Alliance  EmptySat Nov 05, 2011 1:36 am

Hello, I operate Yunnan Red Airlines (YR) apply to join the Infinity Alliance, based in Kunming, China (KMG). I look forward to work with you together to achieve their aviation dreams. User ID ckdrster

- Do you have a clear goal for your airline?

My goal is the development of two regional hub based KMG CAN, the development of direct flights to secondary cities in China, when the domestic network to mature, the development start from KMG CAN CTU international flights. Specifically, from the inception to the present, and future of the month, I will focus on the expansion of fleet size, after three months, will focus on the development of hub airports, set up six months after the focus on the development of international routes. Currently, I have been operating on the route has gradually increased the size of the fleet has expanded by 80% this month's goal is to expand fleet size to more than double the time of creation.

- How can we help you?

Alliance will provide a truly global network of YR, YR get help faster development in the future I will gradually develop international routes, the Union will be able to give a great help

- How can you help us?

Currently, I am in China, operating flights between 18 cities, over 90% attendance. The most important thing is, I and almost no competition between members of the League, the Union in East Asia, the two main airlines, China Airlines and yellow cab in central China's domestic use only flew PEK, PVG, and South Korea's cities, my flight they are a great supplement. For other members of the Alliance, I will be China's domestic tourists arrived KMG CAN and HKG three main hubs (this month's focus will be on HKG), believe that alliances will contribute.

- Are you an active player?

Since I entered the game since September, almost no day without checking into the game to adjust, therefore, in addition to a serious mistake last month led to the loss away, I grew up very quickly, I have two months from the beginning of $ 10,000, 000 an increase of 70% fleet from five to nine, this month will achieve ALL-JET

- Do you have any preexisting commitments to particular airlines or groups of airlines?

I am now and there interlining agreements: China Pearl, China Pearl Express, Chinese Skyfleet, Conrad Star Airlines Limited, Fly China, South China Sea Airlines and other Chinese airlines

Finally, my English is very low, this will be a lot of mistakes, please forgive
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China's Yunnan Red Airlines (YR) to apply for Infinity Alliance
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