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 New Applications: PLEASE READ

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New Applications: PLEASE READ Empty
PostSubject: New Applications: PLEASE READ   New Applications: PLEASE READ EmptyTue Aug 17, 2010 6:37 pm

If you're thinking about joining right now, you've picked the right time - we're searching for carriers that can offer us something special which we don't have yet. We're a practical bunch, by and large, so please don't feel the need to adhere rigidly to a template when writing up an application; all the same, here are some things to think about when applying that might help out:

- Do you have a clear goal for your airline?

As an example, Liberty Airlines on Nicosia was essentially operated on the principle of "get big"; making decisions on a whim is not a very useful long-term strategy, and the effects only really become noticeable weeks or months later when you inexplicably start falling apart. How do you think your airline will look one, two, six months from now?

- How can we help you?

- How can you help us?

This is intended as a functional, working alliance, not just as a shiny badge; do you have route network or fleet deficiencies that we can help you with, operational costs you don't quite understand, or easy access to a market that's impenetrable for our current membership? If you want to help - or be helped - please let us know upfront so we can get thinking!

- Are you an active player?

We have to be realistic here - AirlineSim moves a lot faster than you'd expect sometimes, and we think it's important to keep on top of any new perils and opportunities that might emerge; if you only check in on your airline once or twice a week you might - and it's a big might, depending very much on what and where your airline is - not be able to do that effectively.

- Do you have any preexisting commitments to particular airlines or groups of airlines?

This isn't really a dealbreaker - it could be more of an opportunity than anything else. Are there airlines you'd like us to cooperate with as well, or who you want us to try to avoid cooperating with? If so, let us know!

There are, obviously, a whole load of more or less important things you could say - regarding service, pricing, external interlining and so on - and someone may be along to say some of them sooner or later - but if you've got this far there's a decent chance you've covered them already. Post away!

- Do you have any questions that you want answering right now?

Prairie's available on the AS Jabber if he's around at all - instructions on setting it up are here - or you can ask'em here and we'll do our best to get to them as soon as possible!

- Link to your airline
And last, but not least, please include a link to your airline. If you have any other airlines on other gameworlds, also please include a link to them, so you can show us your experience.

Additional points of note for Tempelhof
Because Tempelhof is a relatively new world, we'd like to prescreen all applicants with less than 4 weeks of established experience with their applying airline. Please, if you are less than a month old, continue growing your airline at a steady pace, and come back to apply in the near future. We'd hate to have to turn down a potentially very valuable airline based on age. Thanks!

PS: Copied from prairie's thread from the general thread of applications
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New Applications: PLEASE READ
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