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 Air Aconcagua

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PostSubject: Air Aconcagua   Air Aconcagua EmptyTue Jun 22, 2010 3:28 am

Hmm, i'm not sure where i shall put this application, so i'll just write it down here :-)

More information on

- Do you have a clear goal for your airline?
Yes, to connect the whole of Argentina and the Southern Part of South America with Argentina. Furthermore I'll connect some major European destinations with EZE (such as MAD, LIS, BCN etc). Dedicated hub times have been implemented so the connection possibilities are great.

- How can you help us?
To be your good Argentinian feeder airline, so that you can start a successful long haul flight into Buenos Aires.

- How can we help you?
By giving me some extra pax via your L/H flights and by removing IL with other Argentinian airlines.

- Are you an active player?

- Do you have any preexisting commitments to particular airlines or groups of airlines?
Not really, my IL are not hurting any of your airlines as far as i can see.

Boeing 737-700 (medium haul), Bombardier Dash8-Q400A (short haul) and Boeing 777-200ER (long haul)

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PostSubject: Re: Air Aconcagua   Air Aconcagua EmptyTue Jun 22, 2010 7:06 am

Should I open another discussion topic for your application? Laughing

Honestly, I think that we are starving for better South-American coverage, and Argetina is one of those countries with significant domestic traffic. So I'm not against accepting your airline, however your airline should grow a lot before being able to efficiently feed Infinity's network, and besides, we should also find a Mexican/Northern South-American partner as well, as EZE is not really the city where you could have efficient connections. (Given that all Ininfity members (except Kiwi Flyer) would fly to EZE from the North, which would mean lots of lots of bactracking to reach Northern destinations).
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PostSubject: Re: Air Aconcagua   Air Aconcagua EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 6:31 am

No Problemo.. Very Happy

I wont even touch Argentina for now.. just feed my bases in Brazil and I will be fine.. =)
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PostSubject: Re: Air Aconcagua   Air Aconcagua Empty

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Air Aconcagua
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