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 Application AsianWings

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PostSubject: Application AsianWings   Application AsianWings EmptyWed Dec 23, 2009 9:00 am

AsianWings (AW) is interrested to join the Infinity alliance.

Some facts about the Airline:

Hub: BKK

2 x Airbus Industrie A340
4 x Airbus Industrie A330
3 x Airbus Industrie A321
21 x Airbus Industrie A320
1 x Airbus Industrie A319
3 x Airbus Industrie A318
4 x Bombardier Dash8-300
22 x Bombardier Dash8-400

Last week profit: 45,149,475 AS$
Margin: 65%

AsianWings has long-time Interlining contracts with Yellow Cab Airways (ICN)) and Litschie Airlines (HKG). We already have a closely connected network between our Main-Hubs offering at least 12 flights per day between them.
We are interested to keep on with that close relationship and therefore we would like to join the alliance togehter.

Thorsten Bei├čner
CEO Asian Wings
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PostSubject: Re: Application AsianWings   Application AsianWings EmptySat Dec 26, 2009 3:24 am

The application of Litschi, Asianwings, Yellowcab, MAA and Air OKA has been accepted. From now on you all are considered as full members of Infinity Alliance. Croydon related discussion (interlining, etc.) takes place in the Croydon forums, while common stuff (like discussion of the regulation) takes place in the common stuff forums.

Welcome onboard!
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Application AsianWings
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